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An Introduction

Everything Home.  IKL Interiors focuses on creating an environment that takes a house and creates home.  Specifically, creating a space that really works functionally and aesthetically.  From projects as simple as refreshing an existing space or repurposing and organizing to full renovation planning and installation.  

Discover the Interior Design Portfolio and services provided below.

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About IKL Interiors

Meet IKL Interiors & Ingrid Likes. As a design enthusiast and consultant since 2009, she is always on the lookout for the next great project, and is dedicated to providing sustainable and creative solutions. The projects that IKL Interiors takes on are both big and small in scope and budget

At the heart of each project is the ability to enhance space by paying close attention to how people interact within each environment. 

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Consultation & Staging

This service is inspired by realizing the importance of creating a lasting visual and functional impact on all projects that IKL Interiors works on. Sometimes all that is needed is a fresh set of eyes that can imagine a space and all it has to offer.  Many times people believe staging is only for selling property.  While integral to the presentation of the property - why not create a space to enjoy day to day? IKL Interiors can provide some ideas, resources recommendations and written proposal to the client.  This service can apply to those wanting to sell....or those who would like to better enjoy their space!

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Redesign and Organization

Form and function are two elements that are present in the planning process of every project that IKL Interiors takes on. It’s easy to create something pretty, but the real challenge lies in optimizing both the beauty and the functionality of spaces. This service contributes to the overarching goal; to improve lives through smart design and organization.  Consultations available as well as professional organizing services to implement organizational systems and plans

Classic Interior

Renovation, Design & Project Management

While some designs are accomplished from simple redesign, reorganization, or repurpose, other projects demand a more involved solution. IKL Interiors has experience providing guidance through extensive construction and renovation projects.  Services include: consultation on plans, partnering with other contractors, architects throughout the planning stage, project management, and final installation and finishing of the space.




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